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Every time I’m amazed at how unpredictable and full of surprises our life can be. If someone told me half a year ago that I will study in Bulgaria I wouldn’t believe this strange person! But I’m here, sitting and writing this post and I’m so happy about it 🙂

I like everything here: studying, people, atmosphere. I share the same emotions and feelings which were described in many of previous posts of my Erasmus-friends. I would like to note 10 positive things of my Erasmus mobility. Here you are:

+ Improving English. It’s much more interesting to learn English with your new friends than with exercise book in Russia..I always wanted to speak English and here I really enjoy of communication

+Another educational system. I’m from Russia, that’s why I could not get used to study here first days.. It’s totally different from Russian educational system and you will experience different learning practices. It’ll make you think creatively.

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+ Many international friends and acquaintances. It’s the most wonderful part of my Erasmus experience. I have never met so many interesting, intelligent and fun people in one place.

I love our Erasmus company and will miss these crazy guys a lot!

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+ Interesting and useful classes at university. You certainly won’t feel boring at English lessons(Neda!) you will learn how to work in a team during assignments, plan and organize a lot of tasks and activities.

+Discovery of different cultures of our big world. It’s one of my favorite pieces of tasty Erasmus cake. I’m eager to learn traditions, cultures and mentalities of different people. And here I have a super chance to do it! You will see the value of different cultures. Another habits, another way of thinking, another world in every person ..

+ Conditions of Erasmus educational programme. It’s also very important part that you will receive an Erasmus+ grant. You can spend money for your needs without disturbing your parents. You feel more free and independent.

+ Possibility to travel. I seem for these 4 month I travelled more than for all my entire life! Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko-Tarnovo, Balchik, Albena, Lovech, Troyan. Every city has his own spark and my time in these cities was amazing! Now I’m going to visit Istanbul and Bucharest.

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+ Villa di Poletta and Dobrich city park. Oh, these are definitely my favorite places here! Villa di Poletta is  a cosy Italian restaurant near our student dormitory. I fell in love with this place from my first day in Dobrich. I like to rest and walk in the city park. It is really big and beautiful.

+Bulgarian culture, traditions and people. All Bulgaria celebrate ‘Martenitsa’. This tradition is really interesting and nice. We also joined to this tradition and gave bracelets to the people in the streets. They also gave us the belts and wished happiness and health. People are benevolent and kind here. I like to watch a quiet life of Dobrich people, how old people sit on the bench and peacefully talk about something, couples walk with dogs and children ride bicycle. The atmosphere is warm in Dobrich.


+Unforgettable moments. Here I have a big Erasmus family. We visited a lot of cities, climbed the mountains, played snowballs, visited a lot of churches and galleries, had parties and barbeque, watched football match, danced the Bulgarian dance, swam in the sea and played beach volleyball. I will never forgot it! I’m grateful for everything!

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