After the Mobility

After the mobility ends, the student is requested to submit to VUM International Mobility Office the following documents:

  • Accurately filled out and signed sections of Annex 1 of the Learning Agreement for Studies: Before, During and After the Mobility parts
  • An official document confirming the mobility duration duly signed and stamped by the receiving institution
  • Copies of boarding passes, tickets and other applicable documents proving the actual stay of the student (start and end date of the mobility).

In addition, the student is requested to submit the online EU survey shortly after the end of the mobility. A link to the survey is sent to the student’s email address.

Upon the end of the mobility, the receiving institution issues the After the Mobility part of the Learning agreement for studies which identifies the ECTS obtained by the student during the mobility as well as the local grades awarded. After the Mobility part is considered a Transcript of Records and assists VUM in the process of ECTS recognition.

VUM applies flexibility in the ECTS recognition process of credits obtained by the students during Erasmus+ mobility. ECTS recognition is carried out in line with the Rules and Regulations for ECTS Implementation at VUM. Actual ECTS recognition is executed by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs who works closely with an appointed Committee. They examine After the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement for Studies and any other relevant documentation regarding the student’s performance. The decision of the Committee regarding ECTS recognition is included in a protocol and is later referred to in the student’s Diploma Supplement.