From Armenia to Bulgaria, from Yerevan to Dobrich, from Agribusiness Teaching Center to Varna University of Management. A year ago I couldn’t even imagine me being here, being an Erasmus Student. I was given this opportunity not only to study, but also to make myself stronger.

Since my Erasmus life started, I have changed a lot….new country, new university, new lifestyle, new friends, new experiences and so on.Enjoying every moment of my Erasmus Life, I learned a lot from my friends about their countries, their culture, and even about their cuisine. My international friends are the most important change in my life.

I discovered Bulgaria on my own. In the beginning of my mobility I made my list “Things To Do In Bulgaria”. Erasmus Office helped  me to make a schedule for my trips in Bulgaria. During these 3 months I did almost everything, that I planed to do. By the way, I still have a month for completing my list.

So, traveling is the main activity, that I’m enjoying there and it is awesome with friends.

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I liked a lot of things here: university, studying, parties, people, endless talks about differences of our countries, crazy things, that we did, food, sea, and even language. Yes, now I already разбирам български (малко)!!!

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