Hello, everyone!

My name is Eireen and I’m from Russia. Now I live in Bulgaria, Dobrich.


I suppose my preparation to Erasmus+ started last summer. The friend of my mother visited Moscow. She’s a professor of Central Michigan University in the USA, so my Mom said me that it would be useful for me to talk with her about education abroad. After talking with her, I really wanted to study outside Russia. Since that time, I have been trying to know about special programs and opportunities and apply for them. However, one day I have known about Erasmus+ Student Mobility program and I was very inspired. A new part of my life started from that day forth.

Life is unforgettable adventure full of unexpected situations, that make you better and stronger. I think people should use any chance to broaden their horizons. Erasmus+ is the greatest opportunity for students around the world to explore the world and spend a few months in a completely different lifestyle.

There is only half the time in Bulgaria has passed but I already have things I appreciate a lot.

Firstly, I’ve never spoken English so much and so long. My English language practice was limited by lessons at the Uni and with my personal tutor. Now, there is a big difference between me before Erasmus experience and me these days. Moreover, I’ve started to think in English and I found it wonderful!


Secondly, I’m very excited about European educational system. There is a virtual campus at VUM which is called DEC. We haven’t the same thing at my University in Russia. I think DEC is really convenient both for students and teachers. I like the system of organizing lectures as well.


Next, I want to say that there is very beautiful park in Dobrich. Me and my friend go for a walk here almost every evening. We also run and do exercises in the park. Now I’m writing this post and my friend is waiting for me to go there.

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And the final part is going to be about people around me and travel adventures. I was afraid that I couldn’t find friends here but I was positively surprised that all the people are friendly, open-minded and want to communicate. All of them have different background and lifestyle as well.


Furthermore, we had a joint trip around Bulgaria. If you want, you can find some photos in Instagram and Facebook by the following tags: #dreamteamerasmus, #internationaltripbg.

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We were in Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria and in Plovdiv. This trip gave us an ocean of emotions, lots of impressions and incredible adventures. For instance, we climbed the mountains, made fun of sunsets, played snowballs in 23ºC degree, looked at the stars, take a large amount of photos and videos and explored these cities.

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In conclusion, I want to say this time in Bulgaria is the best time of the whole my life at this date.


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