IMG_20170211_170635My Erasmus experience start the last summer,when my university send me a mail that everything was ready(after long Italian bureaucracy).

In that exact moment I was in the sea,under the sun relaxing and I said”now it is really starting”. In the beginning I started traveling with my mind,maybe it was just a sunstroke.

BULGARIA,it is good? what about the food?(first big problem for every Italian who move also from home to pub in the same city) and the weather?(other big problem cause if you organize something BUT the weather is not good you ABSOLUTELY CAN’T get out) and what if I don’t like my colleagues?and what if instead they don’t like ME?and the travel?the baggage?the document?I will be able to speak?they will understand…and more and more and more…

…but i realized that they were just prejudices and stereotypes.

Time passed,and finally I’m here,in the “laughing” small city of Dobrich,about 90,000 inhabitants.IMG_20170129_172007

1- I liked my first day,I lose myself in a snowing day but in reality I was very near to the dormitory. I started going around watching the home,the statues,the people(NEVER ask information to Bulgarian),I arrived in a square in which there was a musician.I sat,snow was going down and I was in a situation of calm chaos;that the perfect definition of the first two weeks of an Erasmus student.

2- Wonder, Aristotle said that this is the most important think for being a good person,a good citizen and good thinker;and the snow has been my first wonder here in Bulgaria,when I arrived with the flight in Sofia I stayed for like half an hour watching the panorama from the mirror,and eating a warm bulgarian soup.

3-Test the Taste,Lukanka,Tarator,Shopska three “warhorses” of Bulgary wich express the meaning of the real Bulgaria in which less is more.

4- If I have to think about the colour of Bulgaria I think white and light green,the park of Dobrich is a cure for the soul.I went there a lot of time,alone and not,in the morning,in the afternoon,in the evening and in the night,also after staying in the club.Listening the bird,watching the nature is always a good way to remember that somethimes we need just simplicity,calm and certainties.


5- Erasmus student life and behaviour,it could be anywhere,alone or not.It’s all in open mind.


IMG_20170225_131934In the end three things remained
The certainty that we are beginning…
The certainty that it is necessary to keep on going…
The certainty that we may be interrupted
before we finish…
Let us transform the interruption into a new path
the fall into a dance step…
fear into a ladder…
dream into a bridge…
searching into meeting!”

Rosario Musmeci

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