The application documents set includes:

  1. Application Form duly filled out by the student and approved by the sending institution
  2. Motivation Letter prepared by the student
  3. Transcript of Records issued by the sending institution
  4. Proof of English language proficiency corresponding to at least B1 level.
Based on the above-listed eligibility criteria, the Erasmus+ coordinator at each VUM partner university involved in a KA107 project prepares a reserve list with shortlisted student applicants and emails it to along with the full application packages for all pre-selected students. Within two weeks after the application submissions to VUM, VUM Erasmus+ Team schedules selection interviews over Skype for all pre-selected students and invites them to register for the interview online. The purpose of the selection interview is to identify the most suitable applicants who will be awarded an Erasmus+ student mobility grant to VUM. Given the limited funding available, the selection procedure is highly competitive and VUM advises all motivated applicants to prepare carefully for the selection interview. The selection’s results are to be announced online no later than two weeks following the selection interviews. VUM informs all applicants and their Erasmus+ coordinators of the selection results and initiates the mobility preparation procedure for each selected mobile student as soon as possible.

During the mobility preparation stage, the prospective Erasmus+ students strongly supported by their Erasmus+ coordinators prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement for Studies. The sending institution’s Erasmus+ team should properly fill out Table A and Table B within the Before the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement for Studies based on the information provided above in the section Studying at VUM. A draft of the Before the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement for Studies reflecting a list of subjects offered at VUM during the planned mobility period is to be emailed to for prior approval. The draft shall also contain detailed information on the subjects corresponding to the modules delivered at VUM, which will be later recognized by the sending institution. Once the information in the document has been confirmed by all three parties, e.g. the mobile student, his/her sending institution, and VUM International Mobility Office, the parties could proceed to sign. Before the Mobility part of the Learning Agreements for Studies shall be prepared and signed before the start of the Mobility.