About the Erasmus+ Programme for Student Mobility for Studies

Through the Erasmus+ programme, VUM welcomes every year incoming students for studies or placement who are full-time students at one of the more than 100 partner universities of VUM located in near 20 Programme Countries from the EU, Norway and Turkey. The eligible duration of the Erasmus+ student mobility for studies at VUM varies between 3 and12 months depending on the student’s previous Erasmus+ experience, if any, at the respective level of education. The eligible duration of the Erasmus+ student mobility for placement at VUM is between 2 and 12 months. The Erasmus+ programme ensures that the incoming students who spent their Erasmus+ mobility at VUM receive recognition of the ECTS obtained during their studies or placement according to the predefined Learning Agreement for Studies/Traineeship. Furthermore, they receive financial support from their home institutions based on fixed monthly grant provision as well as free of charge education/training at VUM. In line with the Erasmus+ Student Charter, all incoming students at VUM are treated like local students.

Students of VUM Erasmus+ partner universities in the EU, Norway and Turkey can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility for studies at VUM twice a year depending on the start of their mobility (at the beginning of the 1st or the 2nd semester). Students of VUM Erasmus+ partner universities in the EU, Norway and Turkey could apply for student mobility for placement at VUM administrative departments throughout the year. A drop-down menu with VUM partner universities from which VUM could accept incoming students for both studies and placement could be found here.

VUM implements the Erasmus+ programme by fully acting in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which prohibits any discrimination based on sex, race, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Eligibility for the Incoming Mobile Students

Eligible students to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility for studies or placement at VUM should:

  • Be registered as students of any of VUM partner universities located in the EU, Norway or Turkey
  • Have applied for and obtained approval for participation in an Erasmus+ mobility granted by the home institution
  • In case of student mobility for studies: have passed successfully at least two semesters of their undergraduate studies
  • Have English language proficiency corresponding to at least level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that allows them to study and communicate freely during their mobility at VUM
  • Have a good knowledge of VUM
  • Be highly motivated to participate
  • Be familiar with the Erasmus+ Student Charter

Before the Mobility

Application and mobility preparation

All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply for a student mobility at VUM via email by sending a filled out their application documents to erasmus@vumk.eu within the predefined deadlines.

In view of the possible delays that may be caused due to the COVID-19 situation worldwide, VUM extends its deadlines for mobility for studies in 2020/2021 as follows:

  • for mobility during the 1st semester of 2020/2021: the nomination deadline for students is extended until the end of July 2020. Once nominated, the students can submit their application documents until the end of August 2020
  • for mobility during the 2nd semester of 2020/2021: 27th November 2020.

For mobility for placement at VUM, in 2020/2021 the application submission deadline is at least 3 months prior to the actual start of the placement. The placement start and end dates are subject to specific agreement between the student, VUM and the sending institution.

Academic Calendar for 2020/2021

1st Semester: 28th September 2020 –  29th January 2021

2nd Semester: 1st February 2021 – 29th May 2020

Christmas holidays:  23rd December 2020 – 1st January 2021

Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS.

The application documents to be emailed to erasmus@vumk.eu include:

  1. Application Form duly filled out by the student
  2. Transcript of Records issued by the home institution
  3. Accommodation form (to be sent to erasmus@vumk.eu)
  4. Copy of the student’s European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Non-EU citizens are expected to provide a copy of medical insurance valid for the EU and Bulgaria for the period of the planned Erasmus+ mobility.
  5. Learning Agreement for Studies (only in case of student mobility for studies): prospective Erasmus+ students, supported by their Erasmus+ coordinator, should properly fill in the Learning Agreement for Studies based on the information provided in section Studying at VUM below. A draft of the Learning Agreement for Studies reflecting a list of subjects offered at VUM during the planned mobility period is to be emailed to erasmus@vumk.eu for prior approval. Once the information in the document has been confirmed by all three parties, e.g. the mobile student, his/her sending institution and VUM International Mobility Office, the parties could proceed to sign. All Learning Agreements for Studies shall be prepared and signed prior to the start of the mobility. Guidelines on how to fill out the Learning Agreement for Studies could be found here.
  6. CV in Europass format (only in case of student mobility for placement): based on the information provided in the CV, VUM International Mobility Office invites the applicant for a skype interview to identify his/her preferences and motivation concerning the prospective placement. Depending on VUM administrative departments’ current needs, VUM International Mobility Office will make an internship offer to the applicant student listing the main tasks and activities to be completed during the placement as well as the main skills and knowledge to be acquired as a result of the placement. Students and their sending institutions will be given 3 weeks to accept and reject the placement offer made by VUM.
  7. Learning Agreement for Traineeship (only in case of incoming student mobility for placement): once the placement offer made by VUM has been accepted by the student and his/her sending institution, VUM International Mobility Office will proceed to prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement for Training. The final content of the Agreement shall be agreed by all three parties: VUM, the student to participate in an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement at VUM as well as the sending institution). Information on how to fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeship could be found here.  Another easy way to fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeship could be found here.

VUM International Mobility Office assists prospective Erasmus+ students and their coordinators throughout the whole process of preparing for student mobility as well as during and after the mobility.

Studying at VUM

VUM offers undergraduate and master programmes in the fields of Business and Management, Hospitality and Tourism, and Software Engineering and Business Information Systems. Incoming Erasmus+ students to VUM could join and attend courses and modules delivered in the framework of any of the below-listed programmes. All VUM study programmes are fully taught in English and detailed information on their modules’ aim, indicative content, learning outcomes, assessment methods and recommended reading materials could be found in the module descriptions available here.

Undergraduate programmes (delivered predominantly at VUM Campus in Dobrich and in Varna)

International Business and Management (BA IBM)

International Hospitality Management (BA IHM)

International Tourism Management (BA ITM)

Software Engineering (BA SE)

Module Descriptions for VUM undergraduate programmes

Master programmes (delivered at VUM campus in Varna)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc IHTM)

Module Descriptions for VUM Master programmes

List of subjects delivered at VUM during the 1st semester of 2020/2021

List of subjects delivered at VUM during the 2nd semester of 2020/2021

Visa and Entry Requirements

Erasmus+ students who are EU citizens, do not need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country. However, upon arrival, they are required to register at the local police station. VUM Erasmus+ office staff members assist the incoming Erasmus+ students with this process.

Erasmus+ students citizens of countries outside the EU as well as Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein have to apply for a study visa for Bulgaria prior to their arrival to VUM. Detailed information on the visa application procedures for Bulgaria could be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. A list of Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad could be found here. VUM provides all necessary documents (Visa Application Letter, Acceptance Letter, Accommodation Confirmation Letter indicating the residence address of the mobile student in Bulgaria) and assists all incoming students throughout the whole process of visa application. Visa issuance may take up to two months. For more information, please visit the website of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The participant shall have adequate insurance coverage. Medical insurance valid for the EU member states for the whole period of the trip, covering all costs for repatriation and for urgent medical care and emergency hospital treatment for the period of the stay indicated in the visa is mandatory. The insurance amount cannot be less than 30 000 euro.

The detailed information regarding Visa Type D could be found here. Visa Type D costs and fees could be found here.

Non-EU students are required to register at the local police station within five days after their arrival in Bulgaria. VUM Erasmus+ office staff members assist the incoming Erasmus+ students with this process.


VUM Erasmus+ incoming students to study at VUM Campus in Dobrich could book their accommodation at VUM Student House in Dobrich by emailing their Accommodation Form to erasmus@vumk.eu as soon as they get selected.

Detailed information on the accommodation provided at the VUM Campus in Dobrich could be found here.

The accommodation prices at VUM student house in Dobrich are as follows: 7 EUR/day per person accommodated in a double (shared) room including all utility costs; 10 EUR/day per person accommodated in a single room. Utility costs cover internet access too.

If you are going to take a plane to Bulgaria, please make sure you get a flight to Varna because the airport in Varna is the closest to Dobrich and we will be able to pick you up from there. If you get a flight to another airport in Bulgaria, we won’t be able to provide you with transportation to Dobrich because unfortunately, the other airports are too far away from Dobrich.

During the Mobility

Changes in the Learning Agreement for Studies or Placement are only possible within 5 weeks after the mobility start and these should be communicated to and agreed by both the sending and receiving institutions.

Language requirements and support during the mobility

In late 2015, VUM started implementing a new Internationalization strategy. The strategy envisages the introduction of new activities related to English language teaching and training. VUM stimulates the intensive English language teaching with the aim of improving its students’ global competencies. All full-time students willing to participate in mobility as well as all present Erasmus+ incoming students at VUM can enrol in English language courses offered during the academic year by VUM faculty. Attendance is free of charge for all VUM students (full-time and Erasmus+ students). In case students intend to study at an institution where the language of instruction is German or Spanish, they can receive additional support and assistance from VUM faculty via one-to-one consultations.

After the Mobility

After the mobility ends, VUM International Mobility Office issues the following documents:

  • Duly filled out After the mobility part in the Learning Agreement for Studies or Traineeship
  • An official document confirming the mobility duration duly signed and stamped by VUM.

After the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement identifies the ECTS obtained by the student during the mobility as well as the local grades awarded. After the Mobility part is considered a Transcript of Records and assists the home institution of the Erasmus+ student in the process of ECTS recognition.

Erasmus+ Students Support System

International Mobility Office: erasmus@vumk.eu

Student Affairs Department: academic@vumk.eu

Student Council: student.council@vumk.eu

Accommodation in Dobrich:  reception@vum.bg

Accommodation in Varna: erasmus@vumk.eu

Prospective Erasmus+ students can learn more about VUM, Bulgaria, Dobrich, Varna and VUM in the Students Guide on VUM website.