Ordinary student life, stressful days, new decisions… and suddenly I’m in Dobrich. Harsh wind wakes me up and I realize it is the beginning of a new adventure, overflowed with challenges, emotions, desires to catch every moment and keep in mind cautiously not to lose any remembrance. 20170401_082513-min

20170202_155840-minDobrich starts to be very quiet, almost mystic under the snow. Wander around the streets and it already becomes familiar place

Everything is cheered up more when sun starts shining and  feels like spring is here .. Blossomed trees, scent of flowers, birds chirping in the morning makes you alive, excited.. and It’s time to travel around Bulgaria


First destination is Sofia with it’s interesting, important and beautiful places, good cafes, cozy streets .. Then Rilla Monastery and we are chanted with it’s beauty and greatness.

IMG_2471-min (1)


Hearing a lot of things about and we are finally in Plovdiv… Just everyone’s Favourite. The great place where you need a lot of time to explore everything about culture, sightseeing, people.. A lot of fun and good memories has left with meIMG_20170402_195137879-min.

…And my favourite Bachkovo and Bachkovo Monastery..Feels like home ..Here surroundings and especially nature reminds me Georgia and I am fallen in love with it. Spent three days there and I am full of special emotions and feelings, leaving the place with the hope that some day it will be repeated again

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But what can be better than go on a trip with Erasmus students. Three days spending with them was a great pleasure as I was able to get know them closer and better… I will bare in my mind these days all my life

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Veliko Tarnova, Troyan Beklemento… Feeling so delighted and enthusiastic that even forget final exams!  😀

Don’t want to end those beautiful days with those wonderful people

Hoping one day we will have a chance to bring together again :))

P.S. Still waiting for blooming roses in Dobrich park ^_^


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