I am Inessa Simonyan and I am from Armenia.

When I was studying in high school I decided that I defiantly have to study abroad which would help me to sharpen my learning skills and would give me a great experience that will make lifetime memories. When I became a student of Armenian State University of Economics I heard that our university is cooperating with Erasmus + program so I realized that it was the very opportunity that I was searching for so I applied for the program and now I am a student of Varna University of Management.

Studying in VUM gave me a lot of experience which I would like to share. Firstly, I do like the educational system that Varna University of Management offer since we gain a lot of practical knowledge through our lessons as we are drawing parallels between real life and theories we study.


Secondly, studying in abroad gave me lots of friends and new acquaintances. This very experience helped me to extend my horizon , it changed some main aspects in my way of thinking and observing reality, after which I started to notice small but vital things that I was unable to see before.  Due to Erasmus + program now we have lots of friends that belong to different nations, and this very experience taught all of us, Erasmus students, that we are the ones that really can destroy the walls existing among our cultures.


And finally, studying abroad helped me to learn living on my own, this experience was another daring step to my maturity. It taught me the art of believing in myself since working hard is important but there is something that matters more, it is  Believing in yourself.

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