Greetings from Tajikistan, my name is Isroil and I came from Tajikistan to Bulgaria to experience the Erasmus program. My intension was to explore Bulgaria, but I almost explored the whole Europe by being in a group of multination Erasmus friends. Erasmus life gave me an amazing and unforgettable experience. In the Erasmus group, I found friends from many different countries and we exchanged cultures, languages and habits with each other now I know a lot about the rest of world and its people.
During Erasmus program besides studying, we had traveled through all Bulgaria and we had a lot of fun.


I think the VUM was the good choice that I made. This university provided a friendly and comfortable environment for the Erasmus students. It had professional and friendly lecturer who were very helpful to Erasmus and full time students both. I learned a lot of knowledge which can be useful for my future.

Consequently, the Erasmus program is an amazing experience and I would like to suggest all students around the world not to miss their chance for this amazing experience.

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