Day One 26th of September 2016.

All newly arrived Erasmus+ Students at Varna University of Management (VUM) were introduced to VUM’s structure of studying, staff and student’s life at both Dobrich and Varna Campuses. Students also had the opportunity to discover new places in Dobrich and Varna, they also met with different people from the university and some local people, enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the Varna sea side and spent a great evening with other students and staff from the main campus in Varna.

The opening of the academic year began with presentations in Dobrich. The presentations focused on: VUM history, student life in Dobrich and Varna. Additionally there was a presentation about the personal experience of Salvatore an Erasmus+ student who spent almost 3 months in Bulgaria as an intern working in Dobrich.  Meanwhile, students were also invited to an Erasmus+ welcome breakfast where students could communicate and meet with each other. After the Erasmus+ welcome breakfast, all students traveled to the main campus in Varna for the official opening of the academic year.

In Varna students were introduced to the PokeVum game which organized students from Varna and Dobrich into groups. Each group was given a Map of places that they had to go through and take a group photo once they reach each destination on their maps. The meeting point of all Erasmus+ students happened to be a beautiful restaurant located on the sea shore.  After having a lunch and enjoyed the sea view while sharing their first impressions of Bulgaria students headed back to the main campus. During the official opening of the academic year lecturers introduced themselves and what they will be teaching to students.  Furthermore, students were welcomed by all staff from Dobrich and Varna.  With a short degustation of some Bulgarian wines students had a chance to spend a great evening and use the remaining of the time to share their experience from this incredible day.  Earlier in the day students did not know each other and were unfamiliar with the new places where they will live and study for the next few months but by the end of the day they were better informed as they were able to experience part of the student life at VUM.

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