We <3 Bulgaria

We are Eleonora and Roosa from Finland. We have been studying in Dobrich, Bulgaria since January, which means 4 months now! Bulgaria was a totally new country for both of us and we really didn’t know that much about it.


On the first year of our studies (we’re now on the 2nd year) we travelled together to Spain where we did our internship. We have this one proverb in Finnish which describes well how we felt after three amazing months in Spain. In Finnish its: “Nälkä kasvaa syödessä” and a harsh translation to English is “The will to eat grows by eating”. This is why the choice of going abroad again was clear to us.

Bulgaria as a choice of exchange destination was a kind of “wild card” for us. We had a list of possible countries, and Bulgaria seemed like the best option of them. Our decision was quickly made: we started to prepare the needed things for this exchange right away. The paperwork was quickly done and in December we bought our flight tickets to Bulgaria. Then we just started to wait for our departure and the beginning of our exchange journey.


Stone Forest
Stone Forest
Our beloved friend that we named Kaapo!
Our beloved friend that we named Kaapo!











Our time in Bulgaria

We already knew before arriving to Bulgaria that the country and its culture is very different comparing to Finland. Bulgaria has bigger population, warmer climate, difficult language and for example Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are full of tourists in the high season. When we arrived to Varna, there was a driver waiting for to take us to Dobrich. It was an exciting journey to our new temporary home.

When arriving to the dormitory, we were pleasantly surprised about it. We got a 2-room appartment that we shared with two other Finnish girls. The first weeks in Dobrich went really fast when buying all the needed stuff to our appartment and gettin

Valentines Day
Valentines Day

g know to our hometown and it’s surroundings.


We are going back to Finland after two weeks. These past four months include a lot of memories and experiences. While spending this time here in Bulgaria we have made a lot of new friends, learned a bit of Bulgarian (malko), enjoyed an early summer (there is still snowing in Finland), eaten the worlds best sushi in the restaurant Happy, had many different and interesting courses, had some unforgettable parties, made some great trips and got to know to Bulgaria and ourselves better. The time here has taught us many valuable skills that we will need in our futures.

It was a great choice to do our exchange in Bulgaria. We are really grateful for everything to everybody who has been a part of our bolgarski experience!


With love,

Eleonora & Roosa



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