Hi everyone. I’m Tatevik from Armenia.  I’m on my Erasmus and I want to share with you my experience.

IMG_20170129_140520_099[1]My Erasmus began when I learnt about the program one day before the deadline. I quickly gathered all the documents needed and applied for the program. I was really fine with my life but something new is always a good idea and I knew this would be a great chance. I was greatly motivated, I did my best to get here and I got!

This was the first time when I was going to live by myself, without my parents, far from all of my friends, in an absolutely new atmosphere. I knew it would be hard and I would miss everything that I left so much! But I also was sure that this kind of things are useful sometimes and I can get used to it.

I was motivated by the chance of travelling, meeting new people and having new friends, getting acquainted with different cultures, studying in English and improving my skills. So far I have had all of these and much more!

I have visited many beautiful places and I still have time to visit more..

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I have found new friends and I spent my birthday with them…

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I have had fun…


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And the sea…

17976346_1529550853730474_688810360_o                                18015735_1529550633730496_669575525_o

Here I really felt what a student life is. You need to study, have fun, party, sometimes eat and sleep (because life is too short to sleep much), party, visit places, write assignments, have fun, take exams, party, worry that you won’t manage to do everything on time, then calm down, party, have more fun and manage everything. It doesn’t mean that studying here is easy. It always keeps you at the edge of your seat because you’re never sure about how well you did unless you get the mark. But at the same time it is a lot of fun with group works, in-class discussions, and hopefully good final marks. We are students, young people full of energy which is not meant only for studying.

I’m really happy to be here and thankful for this great experience. It is not over but I can say already: it was amazing!

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