Hi, I’m Carlos and I’m from Madrid, Spain. I am 22 years old and I am a senior student at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in the Tourism degree.

First of all, I had quite a few options to choose from, but I decided on Bulgaria, and specifically on Dobrich because I saw it as a completely different destination from what I was used to and as a great possibility to learn.

The first weeks I was a little lost, I didn’t master the language and I didn’t feel comfortable but when I started the classes everything changed quickly. From the first day, I made friends who also lived with me in the residence and in a very short time we forged a very strong friendship. What I liked most was that I made friends from all over the world who gave me a different view in many ways and who let me get to know their culture and look at things differently. I made friends from close countries like France and Italy to friends from Egypt, Albania or Kazakhstan.

Besides learning English and meeting new people, I chose the Erasmus because of the possibility of travelling once I was in Bulgaria, as it is a strategic point from which you can get to know many cities and nearby countries at a low cost.

Within Bulgaria, we tried to travel to all possible destinations, from Sofia, Varna, Bachik to Plovdiv or Veliko Tarnovo. Many of them surprised me pleasantly, both because of their beauty and because of the good food and nice people.

Apart from travelling in Bulgaria, I was also able to visit Bucharest and Athens, two incredible destinations where we experienced great moments.

However, I had many more plans to travel but the coronavirus made the last ones impossible. Living through the pandemic in the residence I have realized how lucky I have been to live through this bad season with friends who can spend the whole day with me, although with the appropriate restrictions.

In conclusion, it has been an unforgettable experience that I would recommend without hesitation to everyone and in which you grow both intellectually and internally.


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