Such a nice experience for me to go study at VUM in Bulgaria, it was very opening out to go abroad one semester to discover a new culture and study in another university. The pluses of my experience are that VUM is an international school with other foreigner students (it was so great to meet them!), I could have run for the first time a half-marathon with a VUM group and Varna is a nice city! It is a very pleasant place where the beach is enjoyable during the summer (but also in October!). The city centre and the beach park are enjoyable and dynamic as well at every time of the year.
Meeting other students from other countries with different cultures, stories and native languages was very interesting for my personal development and it opened my mind. If I have one advice for the next students: try to meet as much as possible other students from different countries via VUM, Facebook pages/groups, Whatsapp, … and get involved in events/trips. I also had the opportunity to travel within Bulgaria and discover other beautiful places in the country like Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Rila mountains, Sofia and Belogradchik. These trips led to make my study abroad experience even better!
What an unforgettable great moment of my life, my semester at Varna!





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