As one of the firsts amongst Filipinos granted to partake in The Erasmus+ Mobility Program, I take honor in this once in a lifetime chance to not only better my craft but also to see the world.  Through my home institution’s efforts – Saint Louis University, with the partnership gained with the Varna University of Management in Bulgaria, allowed me to be a part of this beautiful journey.

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Before, Bulgaria was an unknown place for me; hence, staying there for almost six (6) months made it very interesting. I visited places, met friendly and welcoming locals.  I also caught glimpses of Bulgaria’s wonders, experiencing its culture as if I was immersed in a different world.

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As an MBA student, I never imagined that I could be part of an exchange program. Yet, Erasmus+ opened its doors to us, a one-time opportunity that should not be missed. The experience gave me a chance of being a full-time student once again and just worrying about my course works.  Though the pandemic may have caused us to lose a lot of activities, it allowed us to get to know and enjoy each other’s company even if we stayed in the dorm. This made us strengthen our bonds and helped us bridge the gaps of cultural differences. Food was our common language. Through food bonding, cultural identity was expressed; it became a medium for us to gather and share great memories with each other.

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The friends and the lessons that I gained made the whole experience unforgettable. This will be etched in my heart and will surely be a great story to tell.



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