About the programme

Through the Erasmus+ programme for academic mobility, VUM provides a wide range of mobility opportunities to its academic and non-academic staff members. Every year, at least 20% of all VUM staff members take part in the Erasmus+ programme for academic mobility. Since 2018, more than 40 outgoing Erasmus+ staff mobilities for teaching or training have been carried out at VUM. It goes without saying that Erasmus+ is all about widening horizons and the staff mobility opportunities are no exception to that. The majority of VUM staff members, who have taken part in an Erasmus+ mobility, report on improved links with their peers abroad, new skills and knowledge obtained, enhanced communication and language skills etc. The actual purpose of the outgoing staff mobility may vary from teaching at one of the numerous VUM partner universities to getting trained or engaged in workshops and/or job shadowing at VUM partner institutions abroad. The chief end of every staff mobility is the transfer of good practices in teaching or in administration as well as the exchange of new ideas linked to prospective academic projects and/or joint research endeavours.

Application and selection procedure

The procedures for application and selection of VUM staff members to participate in an Erasmus+ staff mobility as well as the general rules applicable in the process of management and administration of the Erasmus+ programme at the institutional level are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations document accessible here. The document is validated by VUM Rector’s Council.

Application deadline for 2019/2020: 29th November 2019.

Provided part of the allocated funding remains unused, VUM International Mobility Office will announce a second call for applications (deadline 15th December 2019).

Application deadline for 2020/2021: 27th November 2020.

Provided part of the allocated funding remains unused, VUM International Mobility Office will announce a second call for applications (deadline 18th December 2020).

The Application Forms for staff mobility for teaching and for staff mobility for training should be emailed to erasmus@vumk.eu in line with the above-mentioned deadlines. Further to this, there should be a written confirmation from the direct supervisor (for the academic staff – VUM Academic Director) attached certifying the relevance of the mobility and the indicated period of the mobility.

Selection criteria

Eligible applicants shall be full-time employees of VUM. The selection of applicants is carried out based on the information provided in the Application Forms including a teaching/training programme, the written confirmation from the direct supervisor, invitation/letter of confirmation issued by the receiving institution indicating the envisaged mobility period and the number of teaching/training hours, short motivation of the receiving institution’s choice and the mobility objectives. Clearly justified value-added for the institution to be achieved as a result of the prospective staff mobility would be considered an advantage during the selection procedure. Selection is fair and transparent and in line with the predefined rules and regulations for the management and implementation of the Erasmus+ programme for academic mobility at the institutional level. Selection results are announced within one month after the deadline for submission of the application forms. All candidates are informed personally on the selection results. The latter is also published on the website of the institution. Selection results from the staff mobility application procedure for 2019/2020 could be found here.

Before the mobility

All staff members selected for participation in an Erasmus+ mobility are invited to fill out and sign the following documents:

Eligible duration of the staff mobility: from 2 days to up to 2 months excluding travel time and depending on the funding provided to the institution. In all cases, a teaching/training activity shall comprise a minimum of 8 hours or 4 hours per day.

Erasmus+ grant for staff mobility

The total grant for staff mobility includes both travel costs support as well as individual financial support to cover costs of stay. The travel support is calculated based on the travel distances by using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission. The following unit costs apply depending on the travel distances identified through the calculator:

Financing mechanism Amount Rule of allocation
Unit costs For travel distances between 10 and 99 km: 20 EUR per participant

Based on the travel distance per participant. Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission. The applicant must indicate the distance of a one-way travel to calculate the amount of the EU grant that will support the round trip

For travel distances between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 500 and 1999 km: 275 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 km: 360 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 3000 and 3999 km: 530 EUR per participant

Individual support is calculated by multiplying the mobility days by the applicable daily rates as stipulated in the table below:

Receiving country Daily rates
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway 180 EUR
Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal 160 EUR
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, FYROM, Turkey 140 EUR

After the mobility

After the mobility ends and in line with the Grant Agreement, the staff members are requested to submit to VUM International Mobility Office the following documents:

  • Certificate of Attendance issued by the receiving institution
  • Copies of boarding passes, tickets and other applicable documents proving the actual stay of the student (start and end date of the mobility).

In addition, upon completion of the mobility, the staff member is requested to fill out and submit an online EU survey. A link to the survey is to be sent to the staff member’s personal email address.

The staff mobility recognition at VUM is processed as part of the staff member’s yearly work plan. The participation in staff mobility is also taken into account during the staff member’s annual performance assessment.