Application and Selection Procedure

The procedures for the application and selection of VUM staff members to participate in an Erasmus+ staff mobility as well as the general rules applicable in the process of management and administration of the Erasmus+ programme at the institutional level are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations document. The document is validated by VUM Rector’s Council.

Provided part of the allocated funding remains unused, VUM International Mobility Office will announce a second call for applications with the deadline of 31 January 2023.

The Application Form for staff mobility for teaching and for staff mobility for training should be emailed to Further to this, a written confirmation from the direct supervisor (for the academic staff – VUM Academic Director) confirming the indicated period of mobility is to be provided.

Selection criteria

Eligible applicants shall be full-time employees of VUM. The selection of applicants is carried out based on the information provided in the Application Forms including a teaching/training programme, written confirmation from the direct supervisor, an invitation/letter of confirmation issued by the receiving institution indicating the envisaged mobility period, and the number of teaching/training hours, short motivation of the receiving institution’s choice and the mobility objectives. Clearly justified value-added for the institution to be achieved as a result of the prospective staff mobility would be considered an advantage during the selection procedure. Selection is fair and transparent and in line with the predefined rules and regulations for the management and implementation of the Erasmus+ programme for academic mobility at the institutional level. Selection results are announced within one month after the deadline for submission of the application forms. All candidates are informed personally of the selection results. The latter is also published on the website of the institution.