Application, Selection Procedure, and Results

All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply via email by sending a filled-out Europass CV and their Application Form to within the predefined deadlines.

The application process is carried out in two stages as follows:

First stage: Sending Europass CV and Application Form to

Based on the academic workload of VUM students, they usually realize Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships during the official academic breaks (or other deadlines stated in their study plan) within the compulsory summer internship placement integrated into the VUM curricula. Deadlines for sending the CV and Application form to the Career Centre:

  • For internships starting in February: The deadline for application is the end of October of the previous calendar year
  • For internships starting in June: The deadline for application is the end of January of the same year.

All students who meet the eligibility requirements, have been selected by an employer, and have provided a Europass CV and Application Form within the indicated deadline will be invited for an interview within 2 weeks after submission of the application documents.

Second stage: Interview with representatives of  VUM Career Centre and International Mobility Office

After the deadline and according to the Regulations for Managing the Erasmus+ Programme at VUM and by order of VUM President, a Selection Committee is appointed, which interviews all the applicants and performs subsequent selection and approval of suitable candidates. The aim of the interview is to identify to what extent the applicant fulfils the selection criteria. When the interview process ends, the Selection Committee prepares a list with all the applicants selected to participate in mobility for placement as well as a list with reserves.

For mobility for placement, the following selection criteria are being implemented:

  • Motivation for participation in the Erasmus+ programme, good knowledge of its rules, and demonstrated readiness to act in compliance with them
  • Good command of the working language at the receiving organisation
  • Motivation for professional development in the field within which the mobility for placement is implemented
  • Active involvement in VUM social life and in the process of integration of incoming Erasmus+ students

All selection results are published regularly on the VUM website.