Before the Mobility

All students selected and approved for participation in an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement are introduced to the Erasmus+ Student Charter and must sign the following required documents for participation in the programme:

Place of Departure and Place of Arrival

The students approved for participation in an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement are required to travel from the place of the location of the sending organisation (VUM) and to travel to the place of location of the receiving organisation. The return after the end of the mobility should be from the place of location of the receiving organisation to the place of the location of the sending organisation (VUM).

Learning Agreement for Traineeship

The Learning Agreement for Traineeship is signed prior to the mobility start and represents a trilateral agreement between the student, VUM and the host institution. It contains detailed information about the placement programme and the experience, knowledge, and skills the student will acquire during the mobility for placement. In addition, it stipulates the number of ECTS credits that the student will obtain upon successful completion of the mobility. The final content of the Agreement shall be agreed by all three parties: VUM, the student to participate in an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement at VUM as well as the sending institution. Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Traineeship could be found here.  Another easy way to fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeship could be found here. All credits obtained during the mobility are recognized by VUM as part of the student’s curriculum and are included in the student’s Diploma Supplement. The Learning Agreement for Traineeship is prepared by the VUM International Mobility Office in collaboration with VUM Career Center and the host institution. Changes in the Agreement should be agreed with the home and host institution and could be made only at the placement’s initial phase (within five weeks after the mobility start).

Training Agreements must be updated immediately if changes occur. Therefore, the regular contact with VUM International Cooperation Office staff via email is highly recommended.

Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement is signed between the student and VUM and stipulates the conditions for the financial support provided by the Erasmus+ programme. The financial support for the mobility period is determined by VUM by multiplying the actual mobility duration in days/months to the daily/monthly rate specified for the particular host country. In case of incomplete months, the financial support will be calculated by multiplying the number of days of the incomplete month to 1/30 of the unit rate per month. The following monthly grants apply depending on the country in which the mobility takes place.

Host country Monthly amount /in EUR/
Group 1 Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, UK, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Norway 720
Group 2 Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey 720
Group 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, North Macedonia 670

For placements conducted under Grant Agreements signed between VUM and the National Erasmus+ Agency in 2021 and onwards, the following monthly grants will apply:

Host country Monthly amount /in EUR/
Group 1 Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Norway, Partner countries from region 14 750
Group 2 Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Partner countries from region 5 750
Group 3 Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia 690