I’m very glad I had the opportunity to experience one semester of my Erasmus+ student mobility for studies at the University of Aveiro even with the COVID-19 situation. I was lucky that the circumstances in Portugal weren’t so bad and we had many face-to-face classes because as a result of this I got the chance to see the different environment of this university. The University of Aveiro is very well prepared to welcome all foreign students, going from all the help provided to find accommodation, to the different classes we could take in English but also all the events they organised for us to meet each other and share about our countries.

Aveiro is a small and very beautiful city full of students; it is also very close to the beach so I had the possibility to try surfing, which was so much fun! And even if I was there for my winter semester, the weather was never too cold which was very pleasant. My favourite part of all was the opportunity to meet many people and discover so many different cultures. It was so interesting and opened my mind a lot. I learned so many new things, not only from the other Erasmus+ students but also from the locals that were always willing to help.

The city is so charming and also the whole country, every small trip I had the chance to do I saw so many amazing sceneries. Without thinking twice I would repeat a semester abroad in the same place or another country!








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