Hello. Zdrasti! I am Dung Nguyen Viet, a student from Vietnam National University.

My Erasmus life in Dobrich, Bulgaria could be briefly described in 3 words: happy, happier and happiest. The moment at which happiness started was when I knew that I would spend 3 months with more than 30 friends from all over the world as well as had the opportunity to study at VUM, a highly-ranked university in Europe, to widen my eyes and better myself.

“Friends” is the key word of this unforgettable time. The Kazakh, Russian, Armenian, Lebanese, Modolvian, Brazilian, Italian, Portugese, French, Mongolian, Georgian, Uzbek, Tajik, they all are beautiful and inspired me in a way. Hapiness was multipled as we lived, studied, ate, travelled and did all the craziest things together, thanks to which, I, who hardly danced before, have become an “amateur dancer”, a better traveller, overcome my shyness and learnt how to enjoy life in various ways.

And, for sure, happiest is when I recognize now we are a family, a huge Erasmus family. Yes, as I said to my friends, I will always embrace everything we have created together during this summer. I think this world is small enough for us to see each other again oneday.

I cannot thank Erasmus and VUM enough for this opportunity. No matter what happens, I always have a special place in my heart for Erasmus and all the things it have brought to me.

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