IMG_20170318_153237…And suddenly all the intentions, desires and projects, there remained nothing more than a nice, incurable wanderlust.
Ah, the true desire to travel is nothing more than the desire dangerous to think without any fears, to face head-on the world and want to get answers to all the things, people, events. A desire that can not be quenched with projects and books, which always demands more and more and more it costs, when you have to put your heart and blood.
In front of my window the sweet, warm wind of the West rummages in black lake, without any purpose, raging in his passion and consumed, wild, insatiable.
So wild and insatiable is the real wanderlust, the urge to learn and experience new things, which no knowledge and no experience can satisfy. A stimulus that is stronger than us and of all chains, which wants more and more sacrifices from those who are dominated.
Are there not men who go hunting for money, and for women and the principles in the wild, and beyond all limits, up to ruin? So here we go chasing us, we fans of travel, of what you can take from Mother Earth, with the desire to be one with her, possess her and abandon her, to an extent that can not be achieved, but only dreaming, wishing, yearning.
And perhaps that our hunt, this passion is not anything different and better than the player, the speculator, the womanizer, the climber.
But at this point in life, our passion I feel better and more worthy than many others.
When the earth is calling us, when we vagrants reach the call back and for us restless outlining the place of rest, then the end will not leave, a timid surrender, but rather a taste, grateful and thirsty, the deepest experiences. We are curious about South America, the unexplored coves of the South Seas, the poles of the earth, the secret of winds, currents, lightning, avalanches – but even more we are infinitely curious to know death, the last and most bold and experiences of our being on earth. Because we think we know that of all the knowledge and experience, they may be well deserved and satisfying only those to whom we willingly our lives.
IMG_20170305_103630                            this is a quote from Hermann Hesse,R.M

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