Hello! I am Mari from Georgia. In this blog I will tell you about my experience at Varna University of Management (VUM). I am a student of International Black Sea University, having my exchange at VUM (Dobrich).

VUM has 3 campuses in three different cities of Bulgaria – Varna, Sofia and Dobrich. I am spending my 4 month mobility in Dobrich, very quiet and hospital city. Here you can see the flags of many nationality you can meet in Varna campus.Flags in hall

Varna University enabled me to study with the methods of Cardiff Metropolitan University. Full time students get 2 diploma here (one for VUM, another for Cardiff). At first this British system was a little bit strange for me, but then I got used to it. Even marking has it’s standards. So if you take between 70 and 80%, no worries – you have A mark.

18194101_1871547936436241_8023752149988134076_nBesides the studies Erasmus is a really interesting program due to gathering so much people from around the globe. As I counted, if I’m not mistaken we are about 20 nationalities Erasmus students in VUM Dobrich campus. That’s really interesting and unique experience you may never have.

If you are an easy going person, interested in many cultures VUM Erasmus mobility is for you! You can live in comfortable dorm, communicate with many different people with different backgrounds, with no age limit, party with them and that’s not all!

16427711_1832296303694738_3388274317817389283_nThere are many travel opportunities inside the Bulgaria and across its borders (Romania at least, and several others, if you have not Schengen visa) Sometimes university arranges some trips and you can travel by yourself as well. And if you love sea and taking sunbathe here are beaches in 40 minutes from Dobrich. (Varna, Golden Sands, Albena)

In addition, you may have some challenges living alone abroad, and I am emphasizing this as an advantage of exchange. If you want to grow that’s a grate chance.

16473586_1830956527162049_5520985225628085697_nI recommend you VUM Erasmus program, enjoy your exchange in Bulgaria! 🙂







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