I am Luka Kotoreishvili from Georgia, the University of Kutaisi and I had an amazing chance to study in VUM for 4 months.
It was my first time studying abroad, I was a little nervous at first but soon I realized there was nothing to be nervous about going to University was so much fun meeting new people, challenging yourself, learning new and exciting things. everything together made my stay here an absolute blast.
Varna was a Beautiful City every time I went out I couldn’t hold myself to take a picture of the scenery.  I also had an amazing chance to meet the most famous K-pop Group in the world “BTS” here in Bulgaria.
When it was the most difficult year in the world VUM handled their studies perfectly.  Lastly, I want to say that I had an amazing experience here, I discovered many things I didn’t know, I met many people from around the world and studied in amazing University and I hope other students will experience the same joy that I did with my Experience in VUM.
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