Martenitsa Day Charity Workshop

Varna University of Management established Martenitsa event, our annual celebration of spring—what Bulgarians call Baba Marta. VUM’s celebration of the coming of spring—traditionally referred to as the ancient Bulgarian holiday of Baba Marta (baba meaning “grandma,” and Marta a derivative of the word for “March”)—is highly anticipated every year. Traditional folklore depicts Baba Marta as a temperamental old woman whose moods are as changeable as March weather. On March 1st, it is customary to exchange and wear Martenitsi—tokens of good health, luck, and vitality. Wearing the red and white yarns of the Martenitsa symbolizes the hope that Baba Marta will smile and grant us an early spring.

It is our pleasure to celebrate the event of welcoming the spring in Bulgaria and the tradition of Martenitsa making, related to it. We showed the students how to prepare the traditional Bulgarian Martenitsa, made of red and white threads, which the student gave to each other or to gave as a charity.

The event was organized on 28th February 2020 at 03:00 pm. Classroom: 203

Martenitsa Day Charity Workshop 2020