Webinar “International Business in the Post-Viral World”

Varna University of Management and Gujarat Technological University are organizing a joint webinar “International Business in the Post-Viral World”.

The cooperation between the two universities is being extremely fruitful and dynamic. For several consecutive years, master students from Gujarat Technological University visit Bulgaria for a summer semester at VUM campus in Dobrich. During their studies and practical activities, the Indian students have the opportunity to visit some of the largest companies in Northeastern Bulgaria, to get acquainted with the management of the organizations, the planning and the markets they are working on. They also have the chance to travel around Bulgaria and to study some of the Bulgarian history and traditions. The students also take the initiative organizing various events – the biggest yoga demonstration in Bulgaria dedicated to the International Yoga Day and Sanskriti cultural festival – an unforgettable cultural trip around India.

The unprecedented situation with COVID-19 did not allow conducting the summer exchange this year, but both academic institutions responded quickly and continued the commitment towards their core responsibility, i.e accumulating, analyzing and disseminating knowledge adopting the technology of online platforms. Thus, a decision was reached to organize a joint webinar dedicated to the COVID-19 influence on the International Business.

Varna University of Management will be presented by the Vice Rector (Research) Prof. Stanislav Ivanov and the Programme Director of the Academic School of Business and Marketing Dr. Violina Racheva, respectively on the topics “COVID-19 as a driver of automation” and ‘’Strategic challenges for international companies in a post Covid world”.

The event will be held on 12th June 2020, at 12 p.m (Bulgarian time). Stay tuned for more details!