A new country a new experience, my heart raced and my mind wandered as the thought of me being in another place miles away from my homeland, I am Earl Jason Quiñonez one of the chosen 4 to receive an erasmus+ program in our school, I was neither excited nor afraid I was thinking that this could be my stepping stone to success, I calmed myself and concentrated on the requirements for the trip, then lo and behold the day came to depart from the comfort of my country to the uncertainty of what lies ahead. I was greeted with the cold and seemingly lonely weather when we arrived at Varna airport then straight to the dormitory we went from the blistering heat of 35 to 40 to the  0 to 16 degrees, welcome to Bulgaria, where the food tasty and the people well lets say they were very serious since it was winter. And yes my first winter, my first snow experience and a lot of first actually. We went ahead and settled in with new acquaintances and a new way of life. We settled in nicely with comfortable beds and warm blankets so far from the bamboo beds I used to sleep on. Off to school we went, we were acquainted with a lot of students both regular and erasmus+ recipients and we got to tour the facilities of the Dobrich Campus of Varna University of Management, the professors were all smiles and very knowledgeable in their fields the faculty and staff of VUM guided us from the beginning to the end of our stay, they kept us safe during the pandemic by always keeping in touch through emails and since we moved our classes online to keep safe they always provided us with the necessary things that we need, we may not have fully experience the VUM lifestyle due to Covid-19 but we were happy and safe in our own little bubble. The almost 6-month stay in Bulgaria was an experience I will never forget, we were tested by circumstances and emerged victorious in our quest and we got to experience Bulgarian culture in any way we can. All the upcoming Erasmus+ students enjoy this experience and build connections to help build your future. To VUM, Erasmus+ and my School thank you for this opportunity and to the Almighty Father In Heaven for continually providing and caring for us.


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