VUM has been participating in the Erasmus+ programme for student and staff mobility since 2003. Over the years, the network of VUM Erasmus+ partner universities in the EU, Norway, and Turkey has grown significantly. Since 2014, the Erasmus+ cooperation with these universities is managed in the framework of the so-called Erasmus+ KA103 projects. A list of the currently over 80 VUM Erasmus+ academic partners in the so-called Programme Countries could be found here.

In 2019/2020, in total over 120 outgoing student and staff mobilities were carried out from VUM to VUM partner institutions in more than 20 Programme countries. Furthermore, in the framework of VUM KA103 project, the institution welcomed more than 50 incoming mobile students and staff members from various partner universities in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Turkey, and Romania.

If you are VUM student or staff member interested in academic mobility in the EU, Norway, and Turkey, you are most welcome to explore this website’s sections on outgoing mobility.

Students and staff members of VUM Erasmus+ partner universities in the EU, Norway, and Turkey are invited to learn more about possible mobility to VUM in 2020/2021 under the website’s sections dedicated to incoming mobility.

Incoming Students from Programme Countries (KA131)

Incoming Staff Mobility