The VUM Internationalization Strategy 2015-2020 was approved and adopted by the Rector’s Council of the higher education institution and came into force in October 2015. VUM is the legal successor of International University College (IUC), which was founded in 1999. In May 2015, IUC was converted into VUM, a university of applied sciences type of higher education institution. The VUM Internationalization Strategy 2015-2020 is designed to fit the institution’s Strategic Plan for Development until 2020, was lastly updated in late 2016 and outlines three key strategic goals for international development and cooperation, as follows:

  1. Fostering international mobility of VUM students and staff
  2. Enhancement of the processes of “internationalization at home” through internationalization of VUM academic community and the academic content delivered at the institution
  3. Improvement of VUM competitiveness through participation and engagement in a series of multinational academic and science projects.

As embedded in VUM Internationalization Strategy, a series of various institutional initiatives (21 in total) shall lead to the achievement of each of these three strategic goals linked to VUM internationalization. Furthermore, the Strategy identifies a number of regions and countries, with which the cooperation is considered a priority at VUM. The progress carried out at VUM in the field of international development and cooperation will be measured and reported on an annual basis. The full text of VUM Internationalization Strategy 2015-2020 in Bulgarian could be found here.