Time really fleets so fast. I still remember on the 2nd day of February when we arrived in Bulgaria, one of the most hospitable countries I’ve ever been. I felt excited to go to our class and to finally meet other people. However, I had so many uncertainties on that time. There was a mix of excitement and bothersome feeling.

I never really thought that this experience is life-changing. I just imagined myself to have a normal life like what I had in the Philippines. I was a person with so many doubts about different things but this way of thinking has been reshaped when I met my friends from other countries. We shared our cultures and most importantly we’ve made stories that are worth to be told. Through my Erasmus experience I was able to learn how to manage my time and to know my priorities. As a student with so many goals, I was able to maintain my good performance in the class but still had a chance to have a healthy social life unlike in the Philippines where my life is just rotating at home and in the university.

I am very grateful to Varna University of Management for initiating activities that helped us to grow as competitive individual. Our teachers have given us lessons and fun discussions that even if we were just staying in the dorm due to corona virus outbreak we were still able to communicate efficiently. It was truly an experience full of adventure and new lessons. This mobility teaches me to value time more than money, to value friends more than gold, and to value memories more than any other material things. I have seen the world to a whole new perspective. It is a place where I found myself and new beginnings.

There was inclusivity and harmony in that place and I always believe that these two things are like water and sunlight to help the plant grow, acceptance and approval to prove us that our dreams are worth to take the risk. I will forever treasure these memories. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Varna University of Management and University of Cebu for making my dreams real. To all upcoming Erasmus students, never take for granted that one in a million opportunity and live a life you will remember.

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