The cold weather that we experienced on our arrival to Dobrich had not affected the warmth of attention that we received from the people we’ve met. They provided us assistance and guidance that helped us have a wonderful stay in Bulgaria.

Edel 1

This is an exceptional life experience for me, aside from the main purpose of this program, which is to allow the participant to study and learn academically I am also able to meet new people from different countries who has diverse cultural backgrounds, being able to share and learn things from these people makes the learning process even more fun and interesting. Meeting new friends and having new unforgettable memories made me correct some of the stereotypical ideas about other people’s culture, interacting with them really helped me to enlighten some of the negative ideas that I have about them. And now, with the help of all those experiences it had brought me to confirmity with a standard.

Edel 2

The program has given me the chance to explore more of the world, more of other people’s culture and beliefs and most especially the program has allowed me to get to know myself even more in a way that it had opened another door of opportunity for me to express myself, it made me see whats more beyond my horizon. I was able to attend classes of what I believed to be the best instructors I have ever met, professionals and sophisticated. The guidance and supervision that they provided us during our stay is motivating. Also, I was able to see some great parts of Bulgaria, its natural beauty is trully alluring and captivating.Overall, it has been a great journey the climate is great, the people are accomodating, the food and culture that’s all new to me is wonderful and trully unforgettable.

Being able to indulge into such kind of previlege is something that I have never imagined to happen in my life as a student and for that I am really thankful to all the people of great minds who came up with this program. I hope that there will be more people like me who will be able to get the same kind of opportunity so that they will be able to experience what I have experienced, an experience of a lifetime.

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