In the academic year 2020/2021, the VUM community joined the VUM Online Career Fair. The virtual event was facilitated via zoom. The virtual fair’s official programme included presentaions crafted from the VUM business partners and dedicated to the student assigned from VUM to their institutions. The purpose of the event was to put a face-to-the-name between the VUM students and their employers and to be able to discuss further details for their upcoming Erasmus+ student mobilities for placements.

The students were able to speak with their potential employer and to be able to obtain all the needed information for their positions, duties and responsibilities during their assigned internships. On the other hand, the employers had the chance to be able to communicate further with their assigned interns in order to provide them with a clearer view of the main characteristics of their institutions, the positions and the working environment.

The participants in the VUM Online Career Fair are as follows:

Atlantica Hotels & Resorts, Greece and Cyprus – presentation


Alegria Hotels, Spain – presentation, video



Dpointgroup, Spain – presentation

See a DpointGroup video presentation:

See some DpointGroup internship testimonials:


Extramus, Italy – video presentation


Kempinski Hotel, Hotel San Lawrenz, Malta – presentation

Kokkeriet, Denmark – presentation

Kokkeriet 4

nubedianGmbH, Germany – presentation


Penha Longa Resort, Portugal – presentation


Relentless Enterprise Limited, Ireland – presentation

Relentless Enterprise Limited

Sani/ikos Group, Chalcidiki, Greece and Spain – presentation

Sani Ikos

Ayalga Restaurant, Clos Restaurant, Nintae Restaurant, Skina Restaurant, Spain

Ayalga Restaurant, Spain – presentation

Clos Restaurant, Spain – presenattion

Skina Restaurant, Spain – video presentation:

Marcos Granda


Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Denmark – presentation


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