VUM Erasmus+ incoming students to study at VUM campus in Dobrich could book their accommodation at VUM Student House in Dobrich by emailing their Accommodation Form to and fill in the Online Accommodation Request available here as soon as they get selected.

Detailed information on the accommodation provided at VUM Campus could be found here. The Internal Regulation Guidelines can be found here.

The accommodation prices at VUM student house are as follows: 7 EUR/day per person accommodated in a double (shared) room including all utility costs. Utility costs cover internet access too.

If you are going to take a plane to Bulgaria, please make sure you get a flight to Varna because the airport in Varna is the closest to Dobrich and we will be able to pick you up from there. If you get a flight to another airport in Bulgaria, we won’t be able to provide you with transportation to Dobrich because unfortunately, the other airports are too far away from Dobrich.