Staff Mobility

The Erasmus+ programme provides a wide range of opportunities for staff mobility abroad on the level of higher education. The key objectives of the academic staff mobility are the improvement of university staff members’ skills and knowledge, the enhancement of their employability and capacities, and the improvement of their global skills and intercultural awareness. It shall be stressed that the staff mobility brings benefits not only to the staff member carrying out the mobility but also to the receiving organization’s academic community members. VUM is active in both sending abroad its staff members for the purposes of a short-term mobility as well as in accommodating staff members coming from its partner universities.

If you are an academic or non-academic staff member at any of VUM’s partner universities in the EU, Norway, and Turkey, you are most welcome to explore the opportunities for staff mobility for training and/or teaching to VUM in the Incoming Staff Mobility section.

VUM academic and non-academic staff members interested to learn about the opportunities for engaging in a staff mobility for teaching and/or training at a VUM partner university shall explore the section Outgoing Staff Mobility.