Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)

About the Erasmus+ Programme for Student Mobility for Studies

Through the Erasmus+ programme, VUM provides a wide range of opportunities for student mobility for studies at more than 100 partner universities of VUM in nearly 20 countries in the EU, Norway, and Turkey. The eligible duration of the Erasmus+ student mobility for studies may vary between 3 and 12 months depending on the student’s previous Erasmus+ experience, if any, at the respective level of education. The programme ensures recognition of the ECTS obtained during the mobility according to the predefined Learning Agreement for Studies, financial support through fixed monthly grant provision as well as free-of-charge education at the host university. VUM students can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility for studies twice a year depending on the start of their mobility (at the beginning of the 1st or the 2nd semester). A drop down menu with VUM partner universities where VUM students could study at within the Erasmus+ programme could be found here. The procedures for the application and selection of eligible students as well as the general rules applicable in the process of the management and administration of the Erasmus+ programme for academic mobility at the institutional level are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations document.