Celebrate Culture Through Cooking

In a good mood and in the rhythm of rattling pots and pans, a few of the Erasmus+ international students of the Varna University of Management in Dobrich campus participated in the traditional culinary competition in April 2022. Apart from being a kind host, the professionally equipped kitchen in the university was also an improvised stage for the parade of national dishes from Italy, France, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and, of course, Bulgaria. The food was prepared by the students for their colleagues, who, by anonymous voting, and after a hearty tasting, chose the most delicious dish. The representative of Uzbekistan, Madinabonu Chorieva, was awarded first place. She impressed the audience by preparing an almost complete menu on her own – main dish, side dish and a dessert. Of course, everyone was awarded, but the most valuable thing in this event was undoubtedly the opportunity for students to learn about foreign cultures and traditions and to communicate with each other.

Student activities are a major attraction for young people who have chosen the path of the intercultural learning environment, because in everyday meetings, both formal and informal, true knowledge and skills are acquired and developed.

Celebrate Culture Through Cooking 2022