VUM has been offering to its students mobility opportunities supported through the Erasmus programme for more than ten years now. Over the last years, the Erasmus+ student mobility programme for studies or placement has become more and more popular among VUM students. Thanks to the opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ programme for student mobility between VUM and its partners based in Programme Countries (all EU member states, Turkey, Norway and Iceland), in 2015/2016 more approx. 50 VUM students engaged in an Erasmus+ mobility for studies or placements. In 2015/2016, approx. 10% of all VUM full-time students engaged in an Erasmus+ mobility. In the near future, according to VUM Internationalization Strategy, at least 50% of all VUM graduates will have participated in a student mobility abroad with at least 3 months duration during their stay at VUM.

If you are a full-time VUM student interested in participation in a student mobility for studies in 2016/2017, please, read the information in the Student Mobility for Studies (SMS) section.

VUM students willing to acquire new skills and professional knowledge in a real work environment are welcome to apply for a student mobility for placement. Detailed information about these opportunities offered at VUM in collaboration with VUM Career Center could be read under the Student Mobility for Placement (SMP) section of this website.